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How people live in their homes has changed dramatically over the decades. Who knew we would drop formal living rooms in favor of open spaces? Or that some would start asking for two master suites in a home? So what home trends are coming next, and how will they impact interior design businesses? I’m glad you asked:)

Built-In Technology

More people work from home now than ever before – and that’s a trend that’s expected to continue to grow! We all want to have the latest and greatest in our home offices because that is where people spend so much time.

Clients definitely expect smart devices (think Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home) to do everything for them, like talk to security, dim lighting and control the temperature. So, be sure to brush up on some of the newest advances.

The M Word

I know that talking about millennials and their habits has taken over media. But the reason is because there are SO many of them – and they have a LOT of spending power. Remember, the oldest millennials are now in their 30s. The great thing about this generation, is that they support people who know what they’re doing. In fact, 92% of millennials say they trust and will hire experts. That’s more than any other generation! And guess what? You are a design expert! So go chat with some millennials today:)

Think Green

Green isn’t a fad. People expect to see energy efficient and green options for their homes. Design covers so many areas, so brush up on options when it comes to paints, fabrics, furnishings, and more!

Don’t Believe What You Read About Social Media

Someone said to me that they didn’t think they needed to be on social media anymore, except for Instagram. Was that me talking to myself? No, but it could have been.

Yes, people are frustrated with Facebook and Twitter, but users aren’t leaving those platforms. In fact, more people are on social media than ever. Crazy, right? And they’re relying on those channels and on websites to make decisions. In fact, studies show that people check four sites before buying a sweater, so can you imagine how many sites they’ll hit for a bigger investment like a new sofa? You need to be there when they do.

The Graying of America

Remember Baby boomers? Well, they are still the biggest generation out there, and the most wealthy. And they’re starting to enter their golden years. So home trends are moving toward things like door handles rather than door knobs; drawers instead of cabinets in the kitchen; more no-slip flooring; and even more built-in health monitoring. People want to live in their homes as long and as comfortably as possible.

Slowing Economy

Ah, the economy. We all know that what goes up will eventually come down, and economists are predicting we’re in for a slowing economy. I’m not trying to ruin your mojo, but I am giving you the heads up so you can plan a bit. Be sure you have a good cushion built up in case those doomsayers are right!

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