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Cozy Rugs for Your Toesies: How to Select the Right Sized Area Rug

I love layering in area rugs in almost every room of the home. I know, sounds a little crazy, but there is something about walking barefoot on a cozy rug. They add dimension, character and texture to a room.

I just installed a few of the most gorgeous area rugs during an install this week and it made me ponder my client’s question. How do you size your area rug?

This is a tough one since there are no hard rules, but there are some guidelines.

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Two area rugs for two separate seating areas

Living Rooms

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One large area rug for a large room

I select the size based on my furniture arrangement. I follow one of the rules below. PS. I hate a dinky rug where no furniture legs make it on the area rug.

  • All furniture (and all legs of said furniture) on the rug
  • Some furniture with half legs on the rug and half off
  • All front legs on the rug and back legs off
  • If the room is really big, I may have several rugs for each seating area
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A large area rug that encompasses the seating area


Again, I select a size based on the furniture- especially the bed.

  • Take the bed size and add 12″-24″
  • In large rooms, I may have 2 rugs, one for the bed and one for a sitting area. I use the living room guidelines for the seating area
  • If you have a seating area at the end of the bed, I use a larger rug that encompasses the seating area and the bed
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Dining Room rug

Dining Room

I base the size on the sizing of the dining table and the chairs.

  • Take the size of the dining table and add 24-36″, depending on how big the room is
  • Sit on your dining table and push it back to get out of the seat. Be sure that all legs stay on the area rug or your guests may fall over!


Runners look great in hallways!

  • I like to have the runner 3″ off the walls on each side
  • If the hallway is really long, I may have 2 runners
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Area rug in kitchen


I like a runner or a rug in a kitchen! It may sound gross, but it gives the kitchen character and softness with all of the hard surfaces.

  • Runner can be placed along a perimeter
  • An area rug can go in the middle of the kitchen
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Runner in kitchen

ROI Tips:

  1. Make sure your door can clear the area rug when you open it
  2. Watch out that you don’t cover any floor vents
  3. Think about binding carpet if you can’t find the correct size area rug
  4. A rug can always be picked up and dropped off at a cleaner!
  5. Incorporate a family heirloom when possible. It gives the room a sense of history

Diamond Stria by Stark

I just installed a gorgeous wool Stark area rug made from this carpeting called Diamond Stria:

I added a wool shear tip boarder to make it really cozy.

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Diamond Stria with wool shear tip boarder

I cannot wait to use this gorgeous area rug from the new Scottish Highlands collection by Karastan. I saw this beauty at KBIS while perusing our sponsor’s show room. Love it!

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Karastan Scottish Highlands

If you would like a tip sheet on how to select the right sized area rug, click here and you will be added to our weekly blog!

How to Select an Area Rug

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