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Design by Kathleen DiPaolo Designs

Determine the purpose before the design

So, your clients want a rockin’ entertainment room, but how do you start? The first thing to do is to determine the purpose of the space. The purpose is to entertain, right?! Well, that scope is a bit big, so in order to narrow it down, you need to ask some questions such as:

  • Will this room be a place to watch movies? Play video games?
  • A place to entertain adult friends?
  • A teenage hangout?
  • An adult bar or wine room?
  • A pool room?

Yep, you can see a blank slate can have many purposes! I bet your clients haven’t even thought about how many purposes it can have. So before doing a thing, the purpose needs to well thought out.

Ask your clients the right questions

Got a purpose. Check ✅ Now what?

Ask the “right” questions. By asking the right questions, you may narrow the purpose further – or even expand on the purpose. I recently did an entertainment space that was supposed to be a pool room. With a TV. With a fireplace. With bookshelves. With lots of seating-oh, and space to walk around an play on that pool table.

By asking the right questions, the scope grew. This meant I had to make sure there was space to do everything on the wish list.  Asking the right questions certainly helps you define the scope of the project better as well as help you determine what items you need in the space. All this is necessary to reach a final budget.

Design by Kathleen DiPaolo Designs

What’s the budget?

Now the big question…What is the budget? Well, the bigger the scope, the more things you want to add to the space. The more things you add, the more the project will cost. So, really, truly finding out what your client wants from the space will help determine the budget.

Every detail in the design is a cost, so knowing the cost of a pool table is fine, but what about the cost of pool cues, pool balls, cue rack. Yep. A ballpark budget is a great start, but getting to the details is where the real budget starts to happen.

You need to constantly refine the budget throughout the project- so don’t forget to communicate any changes with your client! The decision to spend the money is the decision of the client. They may decide to hold off on the pool table and just focus on the wine room instead. Being clear with the budget is the only way to make those decisions!

Are you entertained?

Be sure to refer back to your purpose throughout the design process. At times, making budget decisions takes you off track of the reason your client wanted to space in the first place! Always refer back to the original purpose so you will end up with happy clients! When their teenage kids use the space as a hangout, they will be so happy 🙂

Remember, happy client=return client!



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