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When you first start out in the interior design business, you think it’s all about pretty fabrics, grateful clients, and magazine accolades. No one ever really tells you how incredibly stressful it call all be! Some projects crash and burn, a few clients can make you crazy, and it’s SO hard to get published anymore.  Add to that the stress of cash flow, profit margins, and employees, and it can make you want to run as far away as possible. But wait! I have some great ideas for how you can deal with the stress of the design biz!

Get Help

There are plenty of resources out there to help you minimize the stress you’re feeling! Get someone else to do your accounting. Hire a person to clean your office. Get an intern to help you sort those fabrics. I have a virtual assistant and she’s changed my life! And I don’t want to hear that you don’t have the money – hiring help will allow you to focus on getting more clients and making more money!

Get & Stay Organized

It’s impossible to be focused and productive if you’re sitting in the middle of chaos. And that can be real mess or a figurative one, like having spotty accounting. Studies prove that you are better at your job if you feel in control and if you have an organized office. Get your systems and processes on paper, and straighten up your workspace! If you need help, my Return on Interiors® system offers tools, organized systems, binders, questionnaires, and more – all designed to make your business run more efficiently and profitably!

Take Care of Yourself

You are the most important asset in your business – so you need to take care of YOU! Find an outlet for your stress, whether that’s yoga, kickboxing, meditation, or a vacation. Make that a non-negotiable part of your day, week, and year! Block off time every week that will be devoted to keeping you in your best form. And if you think you can’t afford to take that time, think about how well your company would do if you were out of commission. Scary, right?!

Celebrate Victories

Sometimes the best thing you can do to keep you going every day is to remind yourself of everything you’ve accomplished so far. Celebrate finishing a project on time and on budget! Have a cupcake whenever you’re featured in the press! Pat yourself on the back when you have a new client! Those aren’t minor things to be shoved aside – they’re real victories that get you closer to your goals.

Prioritize Your Goals

Speaking of goals – be sure you don’t have too many or that they are ALL set too high. I like to have one big “reach” goal that will really challenge me, and then a list of 2-3 smaller goals that I want to accomplish. It makes you feel good when you hit a goal, so you want to have some that are high enough to push you, but still doable. If they were all “reach” goals, it might take you a long time to hit any of them, and that can make you feel like you aren’t accomplishing a thing. Be sure you have each goal prioritized so you can keep your eye on the top prize, while still keeping those back-burner goals in mind.

Stress is a killer – LITERALLY – so it’s critical that you keep yours to a minimum. Being an interior designer CAN be fun, rewarding, and exciting! So do everything you can to keep your motivation and passion at the top level!

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