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Productivity isn’t just a goal – it’s key to making your business a success! But how can we get more done in the same hours every day? The BIG news is that it isn’t about blocking more time off during your weekends! It IS all about removing distractions and keeping your focus where it needs to be, in the time you have.

Digital Distractions

How many times a day do you check your phone or social media? If you’re like most people, the latest research says that we check our phones over 80 times a day. Most people can’t go 10 minutes without looking at one of their social media platforms, either. That’s a big hit to your productivity! You need to focus on the tasks you must complete each day, and checking out how many likes you got on your latest post isn’t going to help you complete that task.

Set specific times each day to check your email, and stay off your phone’s “fun” apps during work hours! I know, so tempting, right?! You should also have a schedule for your online marketing so you’re only on your social media accounts when you have a business reason to be there. One trick I like to use is to completely close my Internet browser- AND MY EMAIL- when I’m working on a project. That way I don’t see all the alerts and messages that pop up. I have even taken off all of the sounds associated with new mail, so I don’t get tempted.

Close Your Door

Yes, I mean that literally and figuratively. When you have a task in front of you – like creating a new design for a home – you need to limit the number of times you’re interrupted by staff, or anyone else. Be very clear that your door is closed and that you can’t talk to them until you’re done. Because research shows that it can take you 20 minutes to get your focus back once you’re interrupted. I swear, for me, it can take longer!! Turn off your phone, shut the door, and buckle down!

Set the Mood

Sometimes I like to work with quiet music (with no words!) in the background. Mostly, I like no noise. Each person is different. Just make sure to limit anything that can distract you from your work, and that can include the setting. Is your room too hot or too cold? Can you hear a lot of noise outside? Do you need something to drink? Make your environment perfect for productivity!

Manage Yourself

You’re very good at distracting yourself – we all are! I used to say I was a great multitasker, until I realized that there was no such thing. When you need to really get something done, just commit to do it. Taking that first step helps put you in the right frame of mind, even if the task is the last thing you want to do. Just do it! Get one thing done, and then another, and then another. Sit down and plug away.

Make the Right Type of To-Do Lists

This tip is really key for me! I have two lists, one (very long) list with a brain dump of everything my brain thinks of, and then a shorter list of what has to be done TODAY. That list usually has no more than three things on it, because it’s hard to get more than three big things accomplished in one day. If I check everything off the short list, I just go to the longer list and select one more. It’s less overwhelming and distracting to look at my lists that way. And the sense of accomplishment keeps me motivated!

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