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It’s a crazy time in the publishing world – and a sad one, too. Magazines have disappeared, others are shrinking, and it’s getting more difficult to get your projects published. So how do you promote your interior design business without enough magazine pages to go around? Here are some ideas that work:

Photography Is Still Key

Don’t think that you can get away with less than stellar photos just because you aren’t sure if it will be published. The one thing that sells your business more than anything is professional photography! You’ll want them for your website, for promotional pieces – and for the other ideas I’m giving you! Nothing makes your interiors look better than working with a pro for the best photos you can get.

Go Local

National press has definitely been on the decline for interiors and homes – except locally. Local press is still doing well in many markets. That can be regional home and design magazines, or newspapers with special home and garden sections. Get to know what’s available in your city, state, and region – and pitch them! After all, that’s where most of your clients are.

Think Out of the Box

Have a special wine room in a project? Pitch it to a wine magazine! Or you could put all of the kids rooms you’ve designed into one package and send it to a parenting magazine. Don’t just think of shelter magazines for your projects!

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Publish Your Own Projects

No, I don’t mean that you have to start your own magazine. But you can showcase your projects on social media, on a blog, in a newsletter to your clients – there are lots of ways that you can tell your own story. And really, no one can tell that story better than YOU can!

And I can hear you say – how in the world am I supposed to find time to get everything professionally photographed AND pitch them to all these publications!? Well, be sure you have the publication in mind BEFORE you take your beautiful photos! So, research your local publications so know their audience, so you can style your photography and edit your story perfectly!

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Take it step by step – I know you can do it!


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