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It’s hard to keep the best of projects on schedule – sometimes it seems like the universe is conspiring to knock everything off your timeline!! But if you stay on top of the things you can control (and have a strategy for the things you don’t control) you can keep even the biggest renovation job on time and on budget! HOW?! Glad you asked!

Check Calendars

You can have the very best timeline for renovations and then have everything knocked out of whack when you find out that the electrician has a vacation planned right in the middle of the rewiring phase. UGH! Once you have an idea of the targeted start and end dates, go over the timeline with every single person who will be involved – from the client to the tile guy. Plan for holidays, vacations, birthdays…anything that will impact the renovation!!


Kitchen renovations are one of the toughest home projects because not only is it a major redo, it impacts your clients’ daily lives if they’re going to stay in the home while you work! Be honest about the budget, the time everything is going to take, and the MESS that will be a part of the reno. Your clients need to know that kids and pets can’t come through the area for safety reasons, that they need to have a backup kitchen (or at least a plan for Door Dash!), and that there will be hiccups along the way! That’s just how it is.

Measure and Inspect

I know you know how to do a renovation. But if there was ever a time to measure, and then measure, and the measure again…this is the time!! You have more leeway for tiny measurement areas in other rooms of the house, but NOT in a kitchen. Any mistake can mean that the cabinets don’t fit or you don’t have enough tile – much more expensive mistakes than in other parts of the house for sure! Inspections are also super-important. If you have to stop everything and wait for a reorder on tile or counters, you’re going to be in trouble. I once had tiles delivered in 2 boxes and one was from a different lot than the other, which meant the colors were NOT a match. Luckily I opened the boxes as soon as we got them, so I caught the mistake early. If you wait too long to inspect, you’re going to add days (or weeks!) to your project.

Watch Your Orders

Speaking of orders, you want to stay on top of delivery schedules for this room like you never have before!! Have an assistant check in with vendors weekly, if possible. Don’t let there be any unexpected delays if you can help it!

Plan for the Unexpected

Yea, I know that sounds impossible! But you CAN pad the schedule with a day or two for those things that you KNOW are going to come up. And I always add 10%-15% of the overall budget to a “slush fund” for those emergencies. That’s saved my project more than once!! Like when you knock through a wall only to find the pipe isn’t where you thought it was. Give yourself some leeway – and tell your clients why!

Remember the Floors

There’s a specific process to when the floors go into a kitchen – and it’s always good to remind yourself of which way it goes. Many floors, like tile and hardwood, should be installed before cabinets. But then some floating floor types, like luxury vinyl flooring and laminates, have to be installed AFTER the cabinets. You’re the captain of this ship, so you have to keep all of the processes and steps in mind when you’re working with subs and their scheduling, too!

I know it’s a lot to keep up with! I have a great FREE resource for you, though. Download my Typical Kitchen Remodel Schedule HERE and use it as a guide to help you stay on track!!


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