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I’ve written a lot on this blog about the importance of communication – it’s key to almost everything in our business! But we often tend to be so focused on RIGHT NOW that we forget the past. Our former clients can really be our best future clients if we stay in touch. So here are my 4 sure-fire ways to keep that communication going! And be sure to read to the end for a FREE bonus to help you stay on top of client outreach…

1. Remember to Say Thank You.

Your mom was right – thank you cards mean a lot! When I finish with a client’s project, I always send a card to them about a week or two after installation. It lets me check in, thank them for their business, and even ask for a referral. Most importantly, it shows them that I care!

2. Holiday Hello.

I keep a log of my clients’ important days like birthdays and anniversaries. I always remember to send them a little something – an email, a card, flowers – to wish them well. And of course I do that at the holidays, too! This is a perfect time to keep myself top-of-mind with those fabulous clients.

3. New Year, New Look.

The turn of a new year is the PERFECT time to check in with former clients! Lots of people want a refresh after they take down the holiday decor and you want to be the first person they think of. It’s also a great time to just see how your clients are – they could be planning to move or add a 2nd home. Or they might even have heard about a friend who’s buying a new home or moving into town. Now is a great time to reach out!

4. Celebrating the Project.

There are a few times when you really do need to check in with those former clients – whenever it’s the anniversary of the installation, and whenever the project’s photos appear in print. I always ensure that I send a card to my clients when the two-year anniversary of their installation rolls around. Studies show that’s the time when they might be thinking of an update or a refresh. And I always send them copies of magazine articles that include photos of their gorgeous house! It’s a good reminder of the lovely home you designed for them and how much they loved working with you!

Use these ideas to stay in communication with your former clients and to be sure you’re the first person they think of when they decide to make a big change in their homes, too! To help you stay on top of that, I’m offering you a FREE download of my Client Communication Log. Just click here to get yours!



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