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Okay, raise your hand if you laughed when you read the headline🙋‍♀️! I don’t blame you – grout is one of those things that IS important, but just doesn’t seem high on the list of things to talk about. But, you and I know that our clients DO need to make decisions about grout. After all…Interior design is ALL about the details!! So, how do you grab their attention with questions about grout? I have a few ideas….

1. Talk About Function

No, not in a booooring way. But you should point out that grout not only defines the area around the tile, it also keeps dirt out from under and around the tile. It also adds strength to the installation as well as a crisp finish to the wall or floor. And don’t even get me started talking about the stainproof grout- especially with white tile!! I’m getting excited even writing about it! Haha. Make your client understand that this is just as important as talking about the quality of furniture or the finish on wood floors.

2. Show Them Before/After Photos

Showing your clients renderings or images of what the floor or backsplash you’re proposing looks like with and without the grout you want to use really helps them visualize the grout’s impact. Explain why your choice is the right one. So if you want them to go with a charcoal grout for their white herringbone tile, show them the pattern with white grout and then TA-DA … unveil your gorgeous selection! Let them see why YOU are excited about it! Communication is key to this – just like anything else with your clients! – so find the BEST way to communicate what you need to.

3. Bring the Bling

And of course the best way to delight your client with grout is for you to think out of the box, too! There are so many choices for grout colors today, and if your client is daring, they’re going to love what you can do! Whether it is contrasting colored grout with your intricate tiles or black grout to complement the bisque tile you’re planning for a backsplash…it will add a bit of excitement in the space. And if they seem a little scared of the permanence of that color, remind them that grout can actually be painted now, too. So, if they tire of the look in a few years, they can change it without having to start all over!

4. Use Your Sales Techniques

But guess what is the REAL key for getting your clients excited about this?! YOU. It’s how you talk about it and sell it. If you act as if it’s something unimportant or silly, then that’s exactly how your client will react. The key here is that you are giving them a unique and one-of-a-kind home, created custom just for them. You want them to get that you really pay attention to every single detail – that’s how seriously you take their project!

And really – you should take all the details seriously! Grout may be a funny word, but if you have a crack in the grout in your bathroom – that’s no longer funny. If your client wants to maintain their investment in their new bathroom, kitchen or bar…they will want to chat about it, too. So use your creativity and sell that sealer!

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