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If you feel like their just aren’t enough hours in the day – you’re completely normal! Sometimes I feel like I’m running a flat-out race against the clock! We all want to make the most of every single minute we have, whether it’s in our office schedule or a design project’s timeline. It’s taken me a while to find the most effective ideas to keep my office running like a machine, but I’m finally in the groove! Here are the most efficient things I do to keep that clock from winning every day.

Block It

Create blocks on your calendar for everything – and I mean everything! Block out time for email, for personal errands, for design time, and for accounting. Be sure you give yourself a set time to take care of everything you need to do for your business and your clients. But also block out your vacation – at the beginning of the year! That way you can give your team a heads-up and make the right preparations for when you’ll be away. Planning like that keeps things running smoothly.

Plan for Overtime

Things go wrong – that’s just the nature of our business. So don’t schedule every single second of your day or you will be off track in no time. Give yourself a little wiggle room, like 15 minutes on either side of one of those blocks. That will keep things on track, even when it feels like it’s all going crazy.

Create Timelines

I like to have project timelines for small, medium, and larger projects. I will use them as templates and adjust them as needed based on what I know about a specific project. The great thing about timelines like these is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you’re creating a schedule. You know what each step will be and about how long it will take. That makes you much more efficient – and cost effective!

Get Rid of Those Distractions

You know what I’m talking about – you don’t need to work in front of a TV. You don’t HAVE to click on that latest cute puppy video. And you really don’t need to answer that call from a friend when you should really be creating a design presentation. Am I right?! Get a handle on the things you KNOW will distract you – and that includes employees knocking on the door. Set rules for yourself and others so you can stick to what needs to be done.

Two Lists Are Better Than One

I like to use TWO to-do lists. If that sounds crazy to you, hear me out! I have a super long to-do list that has everything on it, grouped by project. And then I have my daily to-do list, and it only has a few things on it. Let’s be honest, no one can check everything off in one day – unless you don’t have enough to do. So it can be overwhelming to look at that MASSIVE list each time. It will make you feel like a failure. Put your most important items on that shorter daily list, and your sense of accomplishment at the end of the day will spur you on!

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