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Okay, raise your hand if this has happened to you – it’s close to installation day for your interior design project and you would rather do anything else. Or you are so over the project before you’ve even ordered a thing. Yep, me too! Staying motivated from the day you sign the agreement to the day you reveal the interiors is NOT easy. It is especially hard when it can take YEARS to get from start to finish! So how do you keep your energy – and your excitement – going?

Is It the Client?

Do you have a difficult client? Nothing can make your job harder than having an unreasonable or irritating client. So the first thing you should do in any job is be sure you really want to work with that particular person. You know what the warning flags are for you – so pay attention to them! Taking someone on that isn’t really a good fit for you is never going to work. Listen to your gut! Can I get an A-MEN?!

Design the Whole Home

I can’t tell you how many designers say they run out of creativity by the time they order the accessories for a project. Why? Because they’re selecting those items near the end of the project – when the budget may have run out and the client is definitely ready to be done. If you aren’t designing the entire project as a whole, you’re making a mistake! Accessories and art should be part of the project from the VERY beginning. You want to have those items in the original design presentation. Not only will they help the client see the entire vision, but then they’ll be part of the budget (and your initial order!) from the beginning. I can’t order anything or be inspired to find something original and gorgeous when I’m exhausted from the 15th site visit! Can you?!

Keep Stress Under Control

Nothing kills my motivation more than stress! Our jobs are definitely stressful, but we can control some of that by staying organized and on top of the project. You must have processes in place that keep you from dropping any ball (all of our ✨magical✨ design details!) or missing any deadline! Stay in constant communication with your clients, so they aren’t stressed either…and don’t forget to take time for yourself during the project to relax and recharge, too. It’s hard to be super-excited about anything when you’re drained and tired! Lastly, remind yourself of how fabulous it’s going to be when everything is installed and the client is thrilled!

It can be SOOO hard to keep your energy up and your excitement running high. But it’s critical to making sure the client enjoys the interior design process – and will recommend you to others. And it’s really important for YOUR quality of life! After all, you got into interior design because you liked it, right?!

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