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Sharing Your Instagram Photos on Other Platforms

As interior designers, we LOVE to use Instagram! How great is it that we can share “our eye” to the world?! Even better is that we can now share those photos on other platforms, like Pinterest and Twitter. Instagram makes it easy to share our photos to a few sites, but how do we share in the best way to get our images across?


Pinterest loves it when you post original content and I do this with my Instagram photos.

  1. I pull up my Instagram account on my computer.
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2. Click my Pinterest Browser Button. Find instructions on how to add a Pinterest Browser Button here.Return on Interiors®

3. Choose your Pin to save.

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Save Your Pin

4. Once you select your image, you can add or change any of your descriptive pin information.

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Select Your Pin

5. Select which board you want to pin it to and voila! You have pinned original content that links everyone to your Instagram account!

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Pick a Pinterest Board

Share “Native” Instagram Images on Twitter

What does that mean? Well, don’t you wonder how people share their Instagram images on Twitter? Not just the link, which is really uninspiring. Yes, you can upload the image each time, or you can do it through IFTTT.

If you don’t yet know about IFTTT, it is worth a look! Basically, you set up tech “recipes.”

  1. Go to IFTTT and get an account.
  2. Type Instagram in the search button. A ton of Instagram recipes come up. I have several of these, but totally recommend Twitter’s.

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  3. For Twitter “native” images, select this recipe below, “Share your Instagram pics as native Twitter photos” and click “Add”
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4. Boom! You have your actual images posted to Twitter. I get much more engagement on Twitter with actual images.

You can also set up IFTTT to share you Instagram images on Facebook, Dropbox, Tumblr or Flickr. So go ahead a try one- or all! Share your eye with the world!

If you would don’t have time to do this now, grab your free download with instructions to use another day right: Here!

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Hope you liked your techno tip!