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Grey has been hugely popular in interiors for the last five years – or more! It’s been a favorite wall color, furniture finish, and a top exterior paint choice. At times, I thought I was going to lose my mind if I saw gray anything again. Our speciality as designers is curating color palettes for our clients’ homes. That is what makes their home special and uniquely theirs.

So guess what? Some clients like gray…and I forgot, for a moment, that there are sooooo many grays that are warmer and some are cooler – and that gray can be paired with anything! But is it losing its popularity in the home? Yes, and no! Let’s look at what I mean by that.

White is Bright

There’s always a neutral that leads the pack when you look at trend lines, and right now it looks like there’s a shift back to white paint colors, thank goodness! It’s bright, refreshing, and it’s a classic – I never have stopped loving and using whites.

And white looks absolutely fabulous next to pretty much every wood finish found on everything from cabinets to floors to furnishings. I have to admit, I have a white painted kitchen that is built to last because it doesn’t look trendy or dated. Instead, it looks classic.

Wood Is Back

And speaking of wood finishes, the greyed look of furniture is definitely moving in another direction. At the recent High Point Market, most vendors were showing natural wood grains in mid to light tones. The metal looks went darker, with charcoal and black being the preferred colors. Again, it is the mix of dark woods and light woods with other materials that makes a room classic. You can have gray, but pair it with other wood tones, too.

Grey Isn’t Gone

So does that mean that grey is completely passé? No, but grey is going through a warming trend. From 2015 until 2018, the most popular greys were cooler, with almost a blue tone to them. The popular choices today are much warmer, to match those warmer wood tones. And some designers are also using a dark and dramatic grey to really make a statement. Either way, grey still gives you another great neutral to work with in the home.

Which Hue for You?

The key to successfully using grey today is to look at the undertone and select the right one for your decor. Greys can have undertones from pink to yellow to blue to green – and everything in between! Just look at the page for greys on the Sherwin-Williams website, and you’ll see how many selections you have to choose from!

So have fun curating your clients’ color palettes and Download my Guide to Using Color FREE to help you make your interior selections!

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