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Question for you. How’s it going with those business goals you set at the beginning of the year? Not sure? Well, there’s no time like the present to check in and do a mid-year business goal review!

You still have half the year to make the magic happen! But, you’ll only get there if you are clear about where you’re going and what you must do to get there by year end.

Don’t worry! I got your back. Here are my recommendations for what’s important now.

Review your annual goals

If this is the first time you have reviewed your progress this year, it’s better late than never, even though I do suggest that you tweak and adjust your goals throughout the year. To make sure you actually complete the mid-year review, schedule a meeting with yourself.

Treat yourself and this appointment just like you would treat a client appointment. You’d never blow off a client meeting, so don’t blow off your business. Your business deserves your focus and you need to bring your best self to the table!

What should you assess at your mid-year business goal review?

  1. Celebrate
    Since I’m really bad about giving out high-fives to myself for a job well done, (I tend to move right on to the next challenge) celebrating is the first step when I review my progress at mid-year. This sense of accomplishment when I review my progress propels me to end the year strong.What’s my system for celebrating? I WRITE down my accomplishments. Then, I read them aloud and write AWESOME at the top of the page and print out that page. I  post this page of accomplishments where I can see it so I have something to motivate me when something goes off track.
  2. Mistakes
    Since mistakes are just another opportunity to learn something new, I always take notice of the mistakes I made when I assess my year to date. But, I don’t let it stop there. I spend some time discerning the lesson of those mistakes, so hopefully, I implement a change that prevents those mistakes from ever happening again.
  3. Project management
    Where can I improve and what did I do right when I managed my projects? I’ve said it before, we must be master jugglers in this biz, so if there’s room to improve—and there always is—we need to pay attention. This is also a time where I take note of what I did right because I want to repeat those actions as much as possible.Time management tips: There are two things that I do that really help me stay on track each day. First, I focus on one client/project at a time. Multitasking often seems to be the enemy of productivity in this biz, for sure! I also work on the hard things first thing in the morning—my most productive part of the day—to get them out of the way! (That’s what I get for being a morning person.)
  4. Personal and professional development
    Never ever stop learning! Be sure to write down all that you learned so far this year and then figure out your training priorities for the rest of the year. Will you take a class, read a book, join a mastermind? When you write it down, you make a commitment to achieving it.
  5. Relationships
    Are you regularly building your network (making connections with new people and nurturing your established relationships—clients, vendors, mentors and more)? I admit. I’m really not great at maintaining relationships. BUT, when I am intentional and remind myself to pay attention to my relationships with a note in my calendar, I’m much more successful!

How to rock the second half of the year!

Now that you’ve assessed how far you’ve come and where you can improve, it’s time to rock the second half of the year! Here’s how:

  1. Modify goals
    You want to be sure that you have a plan in place to hit your goals in six months. That might require you to adjust your original goals or streamline what you want to get done. I love the Good, Better, Best Method. Good (you will TOTALLY complete these goals), Better (these goals are most likely achievable) and Best (this will make you S-T-R-E-T-C-H, but who isn’t up for a challenge?). If you achieve your Best goals, it will be PARTY time!Be sure you schedule activities on your calendar to help you achieve these goals. And, don’t forget to set another appointment for yourself in a couple of months to check in on progress. This is also a good time to recruit an accountability partner who can help you stay on track.
  2. Nurture your relationships
    When most of your clients are repeat clients like mine, you can’t take them for granted. Same goes for my tried-and-true vendors. Strong relationships with vendors have helped me out of more than a pickle or two. Devote more time to enhancing those relationships the second half of this year. This effort will be well worth it!
  3. Implement what you learn
    It’s not enough to get training, you must implement what you learned. So, be sure to have a strategy in place to earn from your learning! Again, that trusty calendar is your best friend for committing to getting things done.

Action leads to results

If part of your 2017 business goals is to see a better return on your interior design projects, purchase the Return on Interiors® System. The ROI System includes several goal worksheets where all you need to do is work through the questions plan the second half of the year!

Cheers to a fabulous second half of 2017!