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Let’s see a show of hands – how many of you have had serious FOMO when scrolling through your Instagram feed? You know what I mean…you’re working your 12th hour of the day and you see a designer you know who is at a fabulous New York party. Or another interior designer seems to be at every event in the business while you can barely take time off to get your hair done! What are you doing wrong?!

The Grass Is Always Greener

You aren’t doing a single thing wrong! It’s normal to think that what we see on social media is reality, but too often it’s smoke and mirrors. It LOOKS like those other designers are doing fabulously, but the real truth is often not that glam. They have businesses to run, just like you do. And too often they aren’t buckling down on their businesses when they’re traveling all over the country.

Don’t get me wrong, I go to events, too! But I always make sure I have my business COMPLETELY buttoned up before I take a trip. AND I always ask myself what the ROI will be on any travel plans I have. If I can make contacts that will help my business, then I’m definitely going to go. If it’s just a trip to make me feel included, it may not be worth the money.

All About the Money

MONEY. That’s the entire point of this post – and your business. We’re in it to make money! So if you’re attending social events, taking on showhouses (that can COST you in the long run), and going to every trade show in the country, ask yourself how that’s helping you make money.

Celebrity is great – but making money is better! You can have both – up to a point. If your business is running like a well-oiled machine, if your profit margins are in the range of 35% to 40%, and if your client pipeline is full, then your business is ready for you to take some time for travel.

And of course going to trade shows and networking at industry events is also key to your business. But you don’t have to go to every single thing you’re invited to.

Reality vs. Dreams

Here’s the thing – if your business is running well and you have a niche that works for you, you may have a brand that’s going to really resonate and allow you to get that same “celebrity” that you see on social media. If that’s a dream of yours, then you can make it happen! But your business comes first. That’s reality.

So let’s look at what you’ve done so far this year: How has your business performed in the first quarter? Where could you improve your processes? Are your financials where they need to be. Download my 1st Quarter Business Review Template to get at the heart of how your business is doing, and what you can do through this year to make it even better!

And keep your blinders on when it comes to comparing your business vs. someone else’s! Another person having success doesn’t mean it takes away from YOU having success. Keep that in mind as you follow your own dreams!



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