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Most of the time, I wake up full of energy. OK, after my coffee. But other days, I just can’t motivate myself to tackle anything! Or, do you ever have those days when you know you should be making progress on a project, yet you’ll do just about ANYTHING (including cleaning the toilet) to avoid it? Oh, yeah! I’ve had a few those days!

In our very busy businesses as interior designers, we can’t afford to stay in a unmotivated slump for too long. Just because we aren’t inspired, doesn’t mean the deadlines or demands for our time stop. And the longer you stay distracted and not on task, the more challenging it becomes to get your groove back.

The good news is you’re not alone. We ALL have these moments when motivation escapes us.

So, how can you get stuff done when you aren’t fired up? The quicker you can overcome the doldrums and begin forward momentum in the direction you need to go, the better off you’ll be.

When you have a trusty list of ideas to go to when you need inspiration, the quicker you’ll be back to your very productive self.

So, here you go: My list of top tips to get your motivation back:

  1.   Recognize it for what it is. The sooner you acknowledge you are avoiding your to-do list because you currently lack motivation, the sooner you can take steps to overcome it. Don’t heap onto your troubles with negative mind chatter.
  2.   Remember you have been here before. When I’m unmotivated, I spend a few moments remembering other times when I suffered from a lack of motivation and perhaps, most importantly, the successes that followed it. The recognition that I have overcome it in the past gives me mojo to know I will overcome it this time. And, to make this even easier in the future, start writing out your successes when you have them and keep them in a file folder to reach for during the times you need to be reminded of your own awesomeness.
  3.   Hang around the “right” people. You don’t need to have negative people surrounding you, so focus on surrounding yourself with inspirational, energetic people. I always feed off of their energy!
  4.   Skip social media. Yes, don’t look at it for a day. Taking a hiatus will give you time to do other things that get results.
  5.   Just start. Sometimes, if I just start, I gain momentum as the day gets going.
  6.   Tackle a small project first. I always try to do the hardest things first, so when I can’t face it, I just start with a small task. The small things make me feel accomplished. We need to get the small things done, too.
  7.   Do you have accountability? As interior designers, we often work alone—unless someone needs us for something. Why not set up a weekly call with another designer to chat with? You can be held accountable for work or personal things that get in the way of business.
  8.   Read a great book. Sometimes, I just stop doing what I am “supposed” to do and grab a book. It’s a perk of being my own boss, right? I give myself an hour and then when I put that book down, I am ready to go. It really motivates me because I feel behind and I know I have run out of time. Pressure helps.
  9.   Pump yourself up on music. Try listening to some music that will get you pumped! I won’t tell anyone if you listen to the top 40s. Haha! Music puts your brain in the right place :).
  10. Declutter. I love purging and organizing! It makes me feel like I can tackle anything! Start with your desk. You will feel so ready after that.
  11. Mix it up. Yep, if you usually go to your office and then hit client meetings or showrooms, why not hit the showrooms first? Changing up your plans, creates new energy.
  12. Get out in nature. Take a walk. Look up. Pay attention to your surroundings and breathe in fresh air. Even 10 minutes of the sun hitting your face can provide just the boost you need.
  13. Be grateful. Just get a piece of paper out and give yourself 10 minutes to write a list of things you are grateful for. You get out of your negative space and open your heart up.
  14. Random act of kindness. I also like to focus on someone else and do a random act of kindness. The smile I get as a reward for doing a small good deed turns me into the Energizer bunny! I can do just about anything!

Hopefully, you feel inspired to tackle the hard projects! If you have plenty of energy now, why don’t you file this and keep it for later!