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We all have those days where we just can’t seem to get things done. Work feels like a grind, everything keeps piling up, and you’re ready to run out the door! Don’t worry. There is a way to get things done, to be more productive, and to keep all those plates spinning at once. I have 6 ways to keep myself productive and to really plow through my projects – let’s take a look!

1. Get Organized

This sounds so simple, right? So why don’t we do it?! Too often, we put organization on the back burner, saying we’ll get to it later. But later never comes! I want you to put a date on your calendar right now for getting your office and systems organized. Don’t let anything else get in the way – just take the time. Studies show that we think more clearly and work more efficiently when our offices are clean and organized, so take care of that as soon as possible! You’ll thank me later. In fact, you’ll thank me now, because I’m going to give you a free download for my Digital File Organization Guide. You’re welcome!  🙂

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2. Just Do It

When I don’t want to do something, I will do anything else to avoid it!! I’ll reorganize my closet, scroll through Instagram, call a friend – anything but what I’m supposed to do. Sound familiar?! Well the best advice I can give you is to just sit down and make a start on what you don’t want to do. Every step you take will lead you closer to finishing that thing you hate. So just do it!

3. Keep a Short To Do List

Nothing will freeze me in my tracks faster than a super-long To Do list! It’s paralyzing to look at the thousands of things I need to accomplish! Instead, focus on 3 things that have to be done TODAY. Keep that list out on your desk, and put the really long version away where you can’t see it. If you finish 3 things in one day, be fired up, because if you keep it up, you will have accomplished 21 things by the end of this week. It’s easier to tackle things in small bites!

4. Get Rid of Distractions

You know what I’m talking about – your phone, Instagram, magazines, TV, people interrupting you non-stop. Set your phone aside, turn off the ringer, close all of your other windows or tabs on your computer and get to work! And warn anyone else in your office that you CANNOT be disturbed! Being able to concentrate will help you be more productive!

5. Block It

Block out time on your calendar (like that day to get organized!) and stick to those blocks! You can block time for designing projects, site visits, checking email, everything that you need to get done in a day. But don’t do ANYTHING else during that time! Focus.

6. Not Everything Is an Emergency

The worst thing that can happen to your productivity is to be pulled into 15 different directions instead of being able to concentrate on the task at hand. So you need to learn to say no and to prioritize. Sure, one of your clients may think that her need to select another lamp NOW is critical, but you know it isn’t really. Figure out what is and what is not an emergency, and keep those distractions to a minimum.

Now stop reading this blog and get to work! HA!


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