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At the start of a new year, we’re all full of promise, potential and INCREDIBLE ideas to boost our business to phenomenal heights. What is it about our next trip around the sun that makes us feel so INSPIRED? We’re looking down the barrel of opportunity and We. Can. DO. ANYTHING!

Assess Where You’re At

As I detailed in the blog, “Better Business Practices that Will Make Your Interior Design Business More Money,” the name of the game is to make more MONEY and part of doing so is to strategically assess where you’re at and what you have (products, services) to get you there. This involves looking at the big picture of your business (a review of your financials, I know, YUCK!), opportunities and quarterly goals.

Caution: Before Adding New Products or Services

You might be experiencing the creative juices and the magic of a new year and your mind is spinning with new revenue streams. While this is common and exciting, you need to push PAUSE before you head full-on into developing new revenue streams.

New revenue streams won’t help your design business if you don’t have viable systems in place.

I know. But, new revenue streams are super exciting and BRIGHT AND SHINY! Whereas digging into your systems can feel boring and DULL.

The secret here is that the BRIGHT AND SHINY potential of a new revenue stream will fail if you add it to a wobbly foundation that needs attention.

Clean up the house!

So, first things first. Let’s clean up house and solidify your systems foundation.

Benefits of getting your own house in order:

  • With a polished look and reliable systems, you WILL exude the professionalism a pro like you has to offer and will have the confidence to ask for a big design fee.
  • You’ll be organized and on top of your business which will let your design brilliance shine!
  • Systems will help you deliver your design projects on time and on budget.
  • You’ll never have to reinvent the wheel when you start a new project. Everything will be set and ready to go!
  • You won’t waste time and money on mistakes that were avoidable because you have the systems in place to avoid miscommunication with contractors and clients.

Where do you start?

The fantastic thing is you don’t have to do this alone.

You can have the resources of my Return on Interior® system at your fingertips. You can leverage my business acumen (and hundreds of hours spent developing the system!) to your advantage and have access to all the downloadable templates and questionnaires and systems that will help your design business reach those incredible goals you have.

Once your design business is on solid ground, THEN you can consider adding new revenue streams to catapult your success.

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