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This is a question that I’m asked A LOT – should I have a niche for my design business? For me, the answer is a big YES! And here’s why: Think about why you shop at one store versus another. Or why you like to go to one coffee shop more than another. It isn’t just preference, it’s how they appeal to you. It’s how they set themselves apart from the others in your mind!

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – or niche – helps you stand out from the crowd to your potential clients. You might think it limits you, but it doesn’t! It DEFINES you! And in a sea of interior designers, how in the world is that a bad thing?!

Making a Name for Yourself

In my design business, I’ve definitely been able to stand apart from the competition, mainly because I’m known as a designer who has flipped over 300 homes, and I have an MBA. I KNOW what appeals to buyers and I know how to make a home gorgeous AND valuable! So officially my niche is:

Kathleen DiPaolo Designs: I create interior and exterior spaces that are innovative property solutions – delivering both luxe living and added value to my clients’ homes.

See how I’m able to define it with my special knowledge and skills? That niche has definitely kept me busy, even as I’ve moved all over the world! So think about what sets you apart. It doesn’t have to be something that only you can do, but something interesting or rare enough to make you look unique and exciting.

Who Are You?

To find your niche, start thinking about what special talents, skills, or knowledge you have. Are you also an artist? Talk about how you approach every project as a work of art! If you have an MBA, pitch yourself as the person who will make the most of your clients’ investments! Your niche could even be a specific target audience, like newly divorced men who need a great home. Everyone has something that makes them different, so start thinking about how you would describe yourself to a potential client so it would grab their attention. Write down everything that makes you different, that would add VALUE to your work as a designer. Start really thinking about how each of those things would appeal to clients that you’re trying to reach. It could even be that you’re the very best at customer service, or at organization, or at delivering things on time. But you had better deliver on any promise your niche makes!

Add the Polish!

What if you already have a niche business? Ask yourself if it’s truly unique enough! If you have been working as a designer who specializes in health and wellness, maybe drill down even further into specifically working with aging boomers who want to be seen as hip! Use the right marketing language to attract the exact audience you want to work with.

Also ask yourself: Is there something I could do better in order to make my niche stronger? In order to design better? And to do you say what you’re going to do? Do you DELIVER on your niche? Because if you don’t, then as I said, there’s no point in having the niche at all!

There’s a LOT of competition out there – a niche is going to really grab attention, and that’s incredibly important today! As you think about your niche, click here to download a FREE Question & Answer sheet that will help you organize your thoughts so you can put your niche into ACTION!


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