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Does this sound like you: You are a genius at furniture placement. You know how to wring every dollar out of your client’s budget. You can mix colors and patterns like a freaking genius.

But… it’s SO hard to get your work published and your interiors are just good, not great. What is your design work missing to attract the attention of publishers?! I have a few ideas…

1. Accessories

Here’s the thing – all of us jump into a new project with excitement and a lot of energy. We can’t wait to get into the fabric room or to go to the tile showroom. But then reality starts to work on us. There are challenges we have to solve. There are people on the job who are less than pleasant. Items don’t ship on time. Things are installed incorrectly.

By the end of the project, not only are your clients burned out, but so are the trades- and YOU! Installation is not the time to pull the project together with accessories! There is no budget- and not motivation left. Accessories – rugs, throws, art, objets, pillows – all need to be part of the original presented plan. This makes sure they are part of the initial budget. As we know, the accessories are the jewelry of the project as well as what gets you published. So be sure to include those accessories in the design presentation!

2. The “Unglamorous” Things

We all love the PRETTY. But the things that make a room really work can be boring. I know. Sometimes we just don’t have the mojo to really concentrate on the lighting plan. Or we ignore the little things, like where will you put the trash cans in the master bath? You want to let it go because you figure none of that will impact how our project LOOKS, right?

However, those are the exact things that make a room function for your client! Remember, the happier your client is with their home, the more they’re going to talk about you and your great work. Happy Client= Referrals

So, take time with the little things. Your clients (or contractor!) may not think about having the outlet in perfect reach for the blowdryer, so you have to. Having a shoe drawer near the garage entry is not only functional, it’s convenient and doesn’t show a pile of shoes. It also makes your design more professional. Most importantly, clever storage ideas are big draws for press coverage. So sometimes those “unglamorous” things can get you a fabulous media mention!

3. Original Art

Original art, rather than “decorator” art is what really makes your room stand out from hundreds of others. A publisher just doesn’t want to see the same piece that they saw in other projects- just like we don’t want our projects to LOOK like other designers!

If your client collects original pieces- or sees the value in collecting original works- woohoo! But what to do if they DON’T? This is where your expertise as a guide is key. You want them to understand that original art doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will make their home different from everyone else’s. If they just won’t budge on buying art, or if they think original art means an oil painting of their kids, don’t worry! You can always borrow art from a gallery to use for your photos. Just be clear to an editor if they ask about the art.

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