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There are two times in a design project where you have a great chance to really razzle dazzle your client. That’s during the presentation and then at installation – so you need to really bring the WOW! factor.

Presentations are a favorite!  It’s a great time to show your value and your worth to your clients. Yes, it takes a LOT of work to get ready. You may work for weeks or months and cannot wait to present your ideas to your clients! You are very excited…until about 2-3 days before. That is when worry sets in.

Do you think they will like it?

Do I have everything?

Am I missing samples?

So many questions pop up and you pray panic doesn’t set in. I hate it when I lose my mojo!

What is the KEY to design presentation success?


Isn’t everything about preparation?! Well, let me help you with that:-)

Brand Your Presentation

It’s great to put your own brand on the fabric and paint samples that you’re going to show your client. Yes, your branding keeps them from shopping you, but it also makes everything look more professional! Branded hang tags and memo sheets aren’t expensive, and they’re guaranteed to elevate the event.

Mood Boards


Whether they are digital, pinned to cork boards, or created on a wall, a well-designed mood board showcases the inspiration. It’s a great time to show the client that you really listened to her, and to use some of her inspiration photos, too! Although digital versions show a modern touch, I still like to also use physical boards so the clients and touch any fabrics or materials. I have used things like shells and coral beads as part of the inspiration, so the client could have a more sensory experience.

Use Your Words

Remember that you’re selling the presentation, too, so use words that your client gave you early on. For example, you could say: “You told me that you loved your grandmother’s cameo collection, so I used this cameo-patterned wallpaper for the powder room!” This helps them really feel heard and gives them an emotional connection to the presentation.

Takeaway Time

Many clients may be completely bowled over by your presentation and want time to think about it. That does not mean they don’t like it. Pinkie promise! Sometimes people are so excited that they want to show their friends and family. Others really do just need time to process, and that’s ok! So you want to give them something to take with them. It could be a look book (binder) with some of the inspiration photos and room layouts, or a box filled with fabric and paint samples. Just remember to remove all of the company names other than yours, and do not give them any room drawings, unless you’ve already been paid in full for your design.

Show You Care

I also like to set the mood in the room for my clients. I’ll have a gorgeous candle burning, their favorite snacks, a few drinks, a branded notebook, and multi colored Sharpies® at the ready. That says that I am excited, I value their time and that I want them to really enjoy the experience! Don’t forget to have a gift for them to take home to remind them of the experience, like a fresh new candle like the one we had burning in the room.

Use these presentation ideas to really take your client experience to the next level! And to ensure you have everything you need, download my FREE Guide to Design Presentation Success by clicking here!



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