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Luxury clients are definitely different – and they expect much more from you and your services! If you want to work in the high-end arena, you have to understand what those clients most need and want, and how to market to them!

No matter what services you offer or what you sell, Forbes says that there are 3 things that every luxury client will pay more for: top-notch customer service, anything that saves them time, and anything they consider to be unique. Let’s take a look at those and how you can use each one to better attract that luxe client!

Save Them Time

Most people in those higher-income brackets have a lot on their plates already. So if you can save them time, they are going to be thrilled. Showing them that you are going to deliver a gorgeous home on time and on budget is going to be very important to this client. Tell them that you’re going to take care of every detail and that you’ll be on top of every part of the process and you’re going to be speaking their language! They know that time=money!


Dare to Be Different

Cookie-cutter designers need not apply!! This level of client does NOT want the same thing their neighbors have – they can afford the best and they want to feel like they’re getting a unique look. Talk about how you can curate amazing art for them, or how you specialize in custom furniture designs. They want to feel confident that you are going to give them something special and completely designed for them and them alone.

Exceed Expectations

This is probably THE top thing that sets a luxury client apart from others – they expect top-notch service, above and beyond the norm! This is when you have to be sure that you are completely organized and on top of every detail. You also have to have a fantastic client communication system so they will feel that you’re keeping them up informed on how fantastically their project is going.

And you have to have the very best client experience they’ve ever seen. That includes setting the mood every time you meet with candles, nibbles, gifts, and more. It means providing them with all the information they need in gorgeous branded binders and folders. And it means being incredibly thoughtful about gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

This isn’t a client that’s going to just want a nice bouquet after the installation. But they’ll be blown away if you provide them with a spa experience while the installation is underway, and then their favorite meal and wine in the fridge when they return for the big reveal. You have to WOW this client!

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