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Things are complicated in the design world. Am I right?! Every project scope is different and we partner with new clients, new contractors and new architects for every one of these projects! AND, every project is full of moving pieces and complexities. Yes, this is why I created Return on Interiors® and it is also why I MUST have checklists! Here’s why you should use checklists to make everything better:

Keeping You Organized

Checklists help you stay on task and on track! I love to use them in my design processes and I keep templates saved so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I take on a new project. Many of my lists detail each step in a specific process so I can be sure we don’t forget anything. I am much more organized when I have those checklists in place!

Quality Control

One of the most important reasons for checklists, is that they keep us from forgetting an important step or task. Pilots use their lists to make sure nothing is left out of their pre-flight checks. My lists do the same thing! For example, I use an installation checklist to be absolutely sure my team and I don’t forget to take everything we need with us, from light bulbs to rug pads. Installations are always a crazy rush to the finish, and I don’t want to have something drop off the radar.

A Sense of Accomplishment

I am never happier than when I can check something off of my list! Can I say CHECK ✅Psychologists say this not only makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something, but it also motivates us to keep going. And that’s true whether we’re checking off individual steps or a full task!

Time Is On Your Side

For tasks I do over and over, I always list them on my calendar and timelines so I don’t forget how long they actually take me. And I’ll adjust as I complete them. You can do that, too! Click here for my Checklist for Recurring Calendar Items and download it for FREE!

Use these suggestions to keep your business running smoothly! And I promise you’ll love that feeling as you check items off your lists!


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