Do you wake up worrying about things you may have forgotten to do in your design business?

You never seem to find the time to work on your business — and because you don’t feel professional, you don’t ask for that big design fee.


See how you can get organized, communicate efficiently and demonstrate your value to your clients with the ROI Sampler.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a tough time communicating your value to clients and prospects, and an even tougher time finding the confidence to ask for a big design fee.
  • You feel perpetually worried about — not asking the right questions, unable to find the right documents — and that makes you feel unprofessional (even if your design skills are excellent).
  • You don’t have a system with your clients to ensure their home projects get completed on time and on budget.
  • Every new project feels like reinventing the wheel — you have to create everything from scratch over and over again.
  • You’re making costly mistakes that are linked to miscommunication with contractors and clients.

How do I know this works?
Because I developed the ROI system and use it myself!

I’m Kathleen DiPaolo, and I have successfully flipped hundreds of houses. I am an interior designer, a licensed California Realtor — and I also have my MBA. In other words, I am your BEST friend in any design project, new build or renovation because I understand both the world of design and the world of business. Believe me, I have made all the mistakes, and to avoid repeating them, I developed the Return on Interiors System for myself — and now I’m offering it to you.


But you can act like you do with the right forms, questionnaires, and systems in place. Your genius lies in design, not things like intake forms, project management, productivity and organization! Get the benefits of a professionally developed business system, customized to your business — for a fraction of the price of a consultant or MBA.

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Return on Interiors® gives you access to download-able templates proven to ensure your design project success. The organized, branded, downloadable documents give you a step-by-step guide for any design project — big or small. You will have access to:


  • Product selection ideas
  • Communication tools
  • Organization templates
  • Budget worksheets
  • Pros and cons of different materials and products
  • Questionnaires to ask your clients


Streamline your interior design business and relieve stress:
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Kara Cox

As a designer who often manages multiple remodel and construction jobs at one time, Return on Interiors has streamlined the process by allowing me to gather all of the information into one organized system for each job. There are so many decisions to be made in each phase of construction and having a reference guide to make sure you have not forgotten a step is invaluable.

For clients, the system allows them to easily track their spending, keep all of their information in one place and know that their job is being managed professionally and in an organized manner. The reference guides and tips are an added bonus and great to help you think through the final functionality of each space.

Return on Interiors has raised the professional level of my client management system and I love showing up organized and ready for every job!

Kara Cox
Kara Cox Interiors

Beth Lindsey

Kathleen DiPaolo’s Return on Interiors System has made a huge difference in my interior design business. Being able to have a project organizer with tools and templates branded for my business allows me to be consistent with each client and each job, and I can avoid “reinventing the wheel” with processes and systems on each project. I’m able to give each of my clients a clear picture of all the decisions that need to be determined for a new build or remodeling project.

At the same time, I’m also able to communicate with the architect, contractor, and any other trade person by using the building team meeting notes. If there is ever a question about what was said or agreed to in a meeting, the records are easily accessible.

And the quick tips are handy when I’m on a job site and questions arise about the size or dimensions of an item to determine if it will work in the space.

Return on Interiors is a fabulous system that keeps open lines of communication with my clients and my subcontractors, making my job easier and more efficient!

Beth Lindsey
Beth Lindsey Interior Design

Kathy Waite

One of the best investments I have recently made in my business has been to purchase the Return on Interiors system.  Kathleen has taken years of her knowledge and experience and created valuable tools for Interior Designers to successfully manage client projects and their business.

One of the first ROI tools I implemented was Kathleen’s approach to organizing electronic files.  Genius!  My team and I can now quickly locate key information for client projects at anytime.  The branded client questionnaire’s have been extremely helpful in making sure I gather all key information to deliver a successful design plan.  The worksheets, quick reference guides, client binder and checklists have allowed me to gain control of the design process.

A system like this would have taken me months and possibly years to create.  I am so excited about this tool and the benefit it provides to my business!

Kathy Waite
Kathy Waite Interior Design

Patti Johnson

As Principal of Patti Johnson Interiors, I purchased the Return on Interiors program for designers. This program is all encompassing, providing user friendly and practical forms and documents for a full service design and/or renovation firm. Kathleen’s ability to translate her working knowledge into an organized, frequently updated resource is amazing. This program will save you time on administrative tasks and allow you to focus your energy and attention on designing. I highly recommend Return on Interiors.

Patti Johnson
Patti Johnson Interiors

Traci Zeller

My clients are empowered by the “takeaway tools” the ROI System provides, and it increases their comfort level with the process. I can’t even imagine the hundreds of hours it would have taken me to create tools like this, and by purchasing the ROI System, I got everything in a “plug and play” package. It’s a huge added value for my clients.


Traci Zeller
Traci Zeller Designs

Lisa Mende

I have been using The ROI program designed by my friend Kathleen DiPaolo for about eight months, and I love it. I have been a designer for two decades and felt I knew how to organize my clients, but Kathleen’s system has streamlined my business even more so. My clients love it! I use the ROI System from start to finish with my projects!

The initial client questionnaire is thorough and has led to more in-depth discussions with my clients. I highly suggest the ROI System to any designer who wants to benefit from having a seasoned designer share her method for working with clients. It lessens the learning curve on how to design kitchen, bathroom and any room in the house where skillful designer knowledge is necessary. It’s like having another top shelf designer on staff.

ROI is well worth the money, as it has saved me so much time with clients, which, in essence, is money in my pocket!

Lisa Mende
Lisa Mende Design